Scream Screen 2021: Week 4 (10.22-10.28)

10.22: Sinister (2012)

Jess’s pick

Rating: What cheesy home movie trope are you pairing with this deadly home possession flick?

Jess: For what I think are obvious reasons, I’ll pair this with the cheesy shots of children bickering and the parents teasing them about it.

Trav: I’ll pair it with pulling out that old tape and playing something you don’t remember or recognize. That confusion plays big time with the films found in Sinister.

10.23: 13 Slays Till X-Mas (2020)

Neutral/dual pick – Scarefest screening

Rating: What holiday tradition will you pair with this indie anthology?

Jess: Putting up decorations, because it’s fun and sometimes ends in despair.

Trav: Playing games on Christmas Eve with the family. Having everybody’s input creates a lot of fun and each person brings something different to the table.

10.24: Don’t Fuck in the Woods (2016)

Trav’s pick

Rating: Pair this indie offering with another activity you shouldn’t do in the woods.

Jess: Hike alone in the snow in the woods. IYKYK.

Trav: Go hiking all by yourself and suddenly second guess yourself as your ride leaves not noticing you made a terrible mistake….IYKYK

10.25: The Burning (1981)

Jess’s pick

Rating: What camp game are you pairing with this Savini-led practical fx fest?

Jess: We had a super long mudslide that went down into hill into the lake. It was simple, but effective, and more than a few people wound up with cuts and scrapes.

Trav: Hide and seek. Yeah it’s an old and predictable game to play but damn is it fun.

10.26: Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-o-Rama (1988)

Neutral/dual pick

Rating: Pair this 80s schlock with another game best played drunk.

Jess: Darts, which I think is just as dangerous with no demon involved.

Trav: Having participating in Scarefest’s Throwing Axes with the Killers I’ll go with Battle Axe Throwing. Beer is indeed served there, and much like this movie things can get very nasty there (potentially).

10.27: The Funhouse (1981)

Trav’s pick

Rating: What carnival game pairs well with this Tobe Hooper thriller?

Jess: Literally any of them cuz THE GAME IS RIGGED.

Trav: The ring toss, cause as easy as escaping looked in this movie, the reality is it’s much more difficult than you think.

10.28: The Expelled (2010)

Jess’s pick

Rating: What class pairs best with this British horror?

Jess: Gym class, which is when I was always my most frightened yet most primal.

Trav: History class since both involve me being entertained by some fucked up stories.

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