Scream Screen 2021: Week 5 (10.29-10.31)

10.29: Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers (1989)

Trav’s pick

Rating: What Halloween party shenanigans are you pairing with this entry in a classic franchise?

Jess: I’m going with some sort of drinking game, cuz it’s just fun.

Trav: Telling scary stories, cause some people don’t like that, but dammit I enjoy it!

10.30: The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)

Jess’s pick

Rating: What dance move are you pairing with this horror musical?

Jess: A split – always impressive and a big hit.

Trav: The twist. Every dance in this movie just gives me rest kinda vibe.

10.31: Terrifier (2016)

Trav’s pick

Rating: What Halloween costume are you pairing with this Damien Leone entry?

Jess: Anything with a twist on a classic, cuz we’ve seen scary clowns but this movie is truly its own.

Trav: Is it cheating if I say clowns? Obviously this is a clown movie, but when a clown costume is done juuust right it is a magnificently creepy costume.

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