#62: Friday The 13th Series Ranked – Franchise Wrap-up [BONUS]

It’s time for another bonus episode, baby – live, uncut, and undrawn. Trav and Jess say goodbye to Jason and Co by ranking the films. For added fun, we compared our rankings to our actual, factual score ratings we gave each movie this year. Yes, we learn we are hypocrites. Help us say goodbye to the big guy and get ready to say hello to Ole Mikey.
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Listen to us discuss Scream (2022) on the Decision Reel https://www.thedecisionreel.com/tdr-ep54-scream-2022/
 try a tasty Hereditary-themed cocktail courtesy of our pals at Shaken Not Scared. https://shakennotscaredpodcast.com/2022/01/19/hereditary-2018/
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