January Cosplay: Judy (Sleepaway Camp)

I love a mean girl, and Judy from 1983’s Sleepaway Camp is near the top of my list. Since I had so much fun dressing up for Scarefest, I decided to give myself an excuse to do it more often by doing monthly cosplays. Of course I had to kick it off with my girl Judy, portrayed phenomenally by Karen Fields.

Granted, my wig was $4 and the volleyball is one of Talia’s toys wrapped in some embroidery fabric. But I feel pretty happy with the outcome from a fairly DIY approach to newbie cosplay.

Special shout out to Trav for getting me the shirt (which has been in my wish list forever) for my birthday.

Talia is a ham for the camera, but since she does a damn fine Angela impression we let her in on the photo shoot too.

As a family, we thought a bit of lipsync would be fun too. You can find that on our Instagram page (@leastfavoritescarymoviepodcast).