Eight Legged Freaks (2002) Drinking Game

one of the eight legged freaks sneaks up

Ready to make your spidey senses (among other things) tingle? Pour yourself a glass of something tasty and pop in the early-aughts camp fest about mutant spiders and the power of love. Or something like that.

We encourage everyone to drink responsibly. Stay home. Don’t drive. Don’t text your ex. Don’t text that family member that’s been pissing you off on social media. Don’t share a plate of nachos with your dog, especially if you put onions on your nachos. DO drink plenty of water! DO know your limits!

Drink once every time

  • there is an adorable spider sound effect
  • Chris is mysterious/vague
  • Harlan talks about conspiracy theories
  • a human dies
  • every time Chris is cut off from confessing his love for Sam
  • (bonus: every time a spider dies)

Drink twice

  • for the bike scene
  • every time a (non-spider) animal dies

Drink three times

  • for “Arach-attack!”
  • for “Eight legged freaks!”

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